Wishing All a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season!

On behalf of our Home’s leadership team, we share the following advice and guidelines which are intended to keep our Residents and staff, as well as all who enter our humble abode, safe and in good health during this year’s holiday season and as we move into 2022.

COVID-19 remains a risk to the health and wellness of our personal care home Residents, particularly as highly infectious variants circulate in the community.

We know these have been exceptionally difficult months and we are grateful for your cooperation and respect for the guidelines that have been put in place to protect Residents, staff, and our community.

December is a month most often spent celebrating with family and friends. This year, as we again navigate a holiday season amid COVID restrictions, there are some changes to the activities we are able to permit, and the measures that we must take in order to support them safely.

We ask that you and your family give some thought to ways to celebrate special events, including birthdays, milestones, and this holiday season in a manner that respects the following guidelines.

Group Activities:

  • Group recreation activities with Residents who are well continue to be offered to a maximum of 25 attendees (including Residents, staff, and entertainers). Group activities are restricted to a single unit/floor unless all Residents attending are fully vaccinated. The first of our two Christmas parties took place on Tuesday, and the second will be held today. At yesterday’s party, everyone had a grand time and the eggnog and hot chocolate flowed freely! Photos will be forthcoming from both parties.
  • Entertainers, provided they are fully vaccinated and follow guidance, are also able to attend as part of recreational programming. (Kirk Leavesley is our Christmas entertainer and his music is always enjoyed by our Residents.)
  • As you are aware and most regrettably, current COVID-19 activity in the community means that we will not be hosting a families’/friends’ holiday event this year. We so look forward to when we can resume having families/friends join us for our Birthday/special occasion parties, and, of course, at the return of seasonal event favorites such as our Harrow United Church Advent Celebration Evening!

Food and Gifts:

  • Food gifts for your loved ones are to be appropriately packaged for storage and labeled with their name and (if known) room number.
  • Christmas presents for your loved ones are welcomed and may be wrapped/bagged – again, please clearly label the outer packaging with their name and (if known) room number.
  • Sweet treats for staff must be items that are individually wrapped, e.g., individually wrapped Ferrero Rocher, candy canes, etc.
  • All items are to be left on the bench between our front doors and we will ensure delivery to the intended recipient(s) as per the package labelling.
  • Our Home is unable to accept communal dainty trays, boxes of chocolate, etc. (Too many hands touching such treats is a sure way to spread something nasty.)
  • Cards or letters are very welcomed! (We anticipate receiving 100’s of cards again this year from school children which will be a delightful experience for our Residents.)

Social Leaves for Residents

  • Social leaves continue to be discouraged however we know that families may wish to enjoy time together outside our Home and ask that the following guidance be followed to minimize risk:
    • For fully vaccinated Residents, a leave may be permitted, and we ask that you check directly with their Unit Nurse to ascertain appropriateness for time away from our Home (from a medical/wellness perspective). Travel must be direct to and from the intended location. All individuals involved in the transportation of the Resident must be fully vaccinated. All individuals aged 12 and up who are physically present at the gathering must be fully vaccinated. For individuals aged 5-11, vaccination is strongly recommended. All individuals at the gathering must not have any cold/flu symptoms or other symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19. If possible, we encourage masks be worn and physical distancing maintained.
    • For unvaccinated Residents, social leaves are strongly discouraged.

NOTE: Guidance is regularly being updated as new, highly infectious, variants are identified. We are closely monitoring the emergence of the Omicron variant, as well as any restrictions placed on recently returned travelers which may impact your ability to visit our facility or participate in a Resident’s social leave. Information can change quickly, and we appreciate your cooperation as we share updated guidance or make necessary changes to protect the health and safety of Residents and staff over the coming weeks.

 Our staff are very willing to consider your proposals for celebrations/activities that respect group size, vaccination requirements, physical distancing, and visitor guidelines. We are also prepared to support virtual celebrations, such as Resident viewing of drive by parades, displays of community artwork and similar demonstrations of love and seasonal cheer.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions, please reach out to us directly.

Wishing all good health, the makings of joyous ‘new” memories, and a holiday season filled with kindness!


The Convalescent Home’s Leadership Team