Families and Friends Visitations (Re)Commencing February 7, 2022

We are most pleased to share that in-person families’/friends’ visitations will (re)commence as of Monday, February 7. (It will take us that long, in Manitoba at least, to dig ourselves out from the snow that we are receiving today!)

All visits must be scheduled by emailing our amazing Recreation team at . Staff will respond to all requests as quickly as possible, but please do allow 1 to 2 business days for a reply to be sent to you (as we anticipate an initial influx of visitation asks before we are all on track). Virtual visits will slowly wind down again as the in-person visits gear back up.

As in the past, for those of our visitors who are fully vaccinated, your visit will be held on our main floor in designated areas. For those visitors who are not fully vaccinated, your visit will be held in our visitation shelter (or “pod”). Our Recreation staff will remind you of the entrance/screening protocols to be followed when confirming your scheduled visit.

Because of the high prevalence of the COVID-19 virus in our community – if you are feeling the slightest bit unwell or you have recently come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus, please stay home until you have a clean bill of health. We do not wish to knowingly reintroduce the virus into our Home again forcing us to cancel all in-person visits.

For the immediate timeframe, out of an abundance of caution – please do not bring food or beverages with you to share with your loved one during your visit. Visitors must not remove their face mask (as provided to you at time of screening) while at our Home.

Click here to access our Family & Friend Visitation pamphlet.

We have missed you and we know that you have, even more so, missed the in-person visits with your loved ones. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Warmest regards,

Sherry Heppner
Development Coordinator