Residents may retain their own dentist or denturist or utilize the services made available at The Home which are provided by the Centre for Community Oral Health. A specific written consent must be signed, and payment received for dental examinations and treatment. The nursing staff will arrange for appointments with the Centre for Community Oral Health. The Resident, family/legal representative is responsible for all dental charges.


The Home has a dietitian who visits on a weekly basis. Upon admission, the dietitian will visit the Resident to determine dietary preferences and any special requirements/supplements. Should there be any swallowing concerns, a referral consultation with a Speech Language Pathologist will be made by our nursing team.

The goal of the Dietary Department is to provide high quality, nutritional meals to Residents, guests, and staff. All meals are prepared fresh in-house with an alternative option always available. The menu board provides the daily choices for all meals. We have a monthly Resident’s choice meal, determined by vote at Resident Council. The menu rotates on a 4-week cycle to ensure variety. Meals are served to the Residents by the dietary staff in the dining room for breakfast, lunch, and supper. If the Resident is unable to partake of their meals in the dining room, the meals will be brought to the applicable floor where the Resident will eat with fellow Residents in the tea-room area. Snacks/beverages are available/offered between meals.

Nurse consoling her elderly patient by holding her hands


The Home aims to provide a safe and pleasant environment. Requests for room repairs can be made to any of the nursing team.

As per The Home’s policy, Residents, staff, family, volunteers, visitors, companions, and service providers are subject to The City of Winnipeg Smoking By-Law #88/2003 in that smoking is prohibited within The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg, or on its property/grounds.

Eye Care, Glasses, Hearing Aids

Upon admission, eyeglasses will be labeled with the Resident’s name. When appointments with optometrists are deemed necessary, a member of the nursing team will assist with arrangements.

Hearing aids are cleaned regularly by nursing staff. Each Resident, or their family/legal representative is responsible for the purchase of batteries and cleaning equipment.

If eyeglasses or hearing aids require repair, the family/legal representative will be notified. All fees are the responsibility of the Resident, their family or legal/representative, as well as, if applicable, the submission of a claim to a private insurer for reimbursement.

Food Storage/Snacks

A refrigerator is available on each floor for the safe storage of any perishable foods. Please ensure items placed in the fridge are dated and have the Resident’s name on the item. Non-perishable foods such as cookies and candies may be stored in closed containers at the Resident’s bedside. Microwave ovens are available on each floor.


The Home’s Housekeeping Department is responsible for maintaining high standards of cleanliness providing for a safe, clean, and comfortable environment throughout.


The Home provides on-site laundry services taking care of:

  • Bedding and linens
  • Resident personal wearing apparel provided that items are “wash and wear” and labeled with the Resident’s name.

Labeling is done by The Home for a nominal fee. Should family prefer to do a Resident’s laundry, please advise a member of the nursing team.

Lab and Radiology

Laboratory services are provided within The Home. A mobile x-ray service is also available to do basic x-rays at The Home. Any costs not covered by Manitoba Health are the responsibility of the Resident, their family or legal representative.


Mail is delivered to Residents’ rooms Monday to Friday. Staff would be pleased to assist in opening or reading letters to a Resident at any time. The Business Office can assist in mailing letters. Stamps may be purchased from the Business Office (located on the main floor of The Home).


Our Nursing Team consists of the Director of Care, Assistant Director of Care, Staff Development Manager, Nurses and Health Care Aides. We encourage all Residents to direct any concerns immediately to their Unit Nurse and, if further assistance is required, to speak with the Assistant Director of Care or Director of Care.

Shot of a woman assisting her elderly patient who's using a walker for support


The Home uses the services of a team of pharmacists who are consulted on a regular basis. In the best interest of all Residents, medications and nutritional supplements are prescribed by the attending physician, administered by the nursing team, and are closely monitored.

Occupational/Physical Therapy

An Occupational Therapist visits The Home on a weekly basis to assess the Residents’ mobility needs. With the Therapist’s guidance, walking programs are implemented and carried out by the nursing staff throughout the week.

Physical therapy consultations are available as required.

Medical Aids/Equipment/Cane/Wheelchair/Walker
An Occupational Therapist assesses all Residents for suitable equipment that may be needed for mobility and seating. All recommendations are reviewed with the Resident, their family/legal representative before any purchases are made.

The Resident, their family/legal representative may also independently purchase the identified items and/or according to the Therapist’s recommendations.

Once the equipment is determined to be appropriate, payment is required to be made to the supplier by the Resident, their family/legal representative.

Annual preventive maintenance is undertaken in order to ensure safety and reliability of wheelchairs and walkers, with costs incurred paid for by the Resident, their family/legal representative.


The Home provides medical care to Residents from attending physicians. Physicians conduct regular onsite weekly visits to The Home to assess/discuss the status of the Residents under their care. There is also a physician on call at all times and our nursing team will reach out for a consult, as needed.

If a Resident, their family/legal representative wishes to continue the use of the services of their private physician, please consult with the Assistant Director of Care or Social Worker, as there are specific guidelines that must be followed.

Podiatry (Foot Care)

If the services of a Podiatrist (foot care doctor) are required, a referral will be made by the nursing team after appropriate consultation with the Resident, their family/legal representative. Podiatrists who attend at The Home are provided through an outside agency. Payment for services is the responsibility of the Resident, their family/legal representative. If a Resident is enrolled with a medical insurance plan, coverage for this service may be available. Completion and submission of the applicable form(s) is the responsibility of the Resident, their family member/legal representative.

Salon Services

A hairdresser is available on a regular basis at The Home. Services such as haircuts, shampoos and sets, permanents and so forth are available. The Resident, their family/legal representative may make an appointment through the nurse. These services are charged to the Resident’s Trust account or alternative arrangements may be made for direct payment.

Social Work

Our Social Worker is available to meet with Residents, their family/legal representative. As Resident advocate, our Social Worker can help address concerns as they arise. As a member of the care team, our Social Worker also helps identify social and emotional care needs, and promotes a Resident oriented environment through Resident Council. Short term counseling for the Resident and their family is part of this service.

Our Social Worker can also assist with a tour of The Home, decision-making regarding aspects of care needs, placement, and adjustment to long-term care. Community referral services for the Resident and their family are also available through our Social Worker.


Influenza Vaccine
Health Canada advises that the most effective way to be protected from influenza (the flu) is to be vaccinated each year, usually in the Fall season.
Presuming that the required consent is given and there are no known allergies, the vaccine will be prescribed by the attending physician and administered to the Resident by their nurse.

Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine
Another vaccine offered free of charge at The Home to all Residents is the pneumococcal vaccine. Similar to the influenza vaccine, if consent is given, the vaccine will be prescribed by the attending physician and administered to the Resident by their nurse. The pneumococcal vaccine is only required once, as opposed to the Influenza vaccine which is provided annually.


We encourage family and friends to visit. Afternoon and early evening are preferable. If a Resident is ill and family wish to spend the night, special arrangements to stay overnight can be requested of the nursing team.


Polls are set up within The Home at election times. Staff are available to assist with transport to and from the Voting Stations, and all Residents who are interested, are encouraged to exercise their right to vote.