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Daily Residential Charge

All Residents in long-term care are charged a per diem rate (referred to as “Residential Charge”) which is established by Manitoba Health. The daily rate is based on the Resident’s previous year’s income (confirmed by the Notice of Assessment). A rate adjustment occurs annually on August 1st. The Resident or their family/legal representative are responsible for payment of the assessed charge.

Upon admission, our Controller is available to assist in the completion of the necessary forms and respond to finance-related questions pertaining to the costs of care. We highly recommend pre-authorized debit for payment of the Residential Charge because of its convenience and ability to securely ensure payment is made on time.

Should Power of Attorney papers be available, these should be provided either to our Controller or Social Worker.

Resident’s Trust Account

It is recommended that a “Trust Account” be established and maintained (for a nominal monthly fee) by The Home. A sum of money (depending on estimated expense requirements) to a maximum of four hundred dollars ($400.00) may be deposited into the “Trust Account”. It is recommended that a minimum balance of one hundred dollars ($100.00) be maintained.

With signed authorization provided, The Home, on the Resident’s behalf, will utilize the “Trust Account” funds to pay for specific items, such as name labels, hairdressing, personal transportation, facial tissues, lotions, etc. Small sums of cash to be used at the Resident’s discretion may also be withdrawn. The Home maintains records of all transactions which are available for review, upon request.

Additional Insurance

Upon admission, please advise your nurse of any additional private health care plans you may have (e.g., Blue Cross).