Positive Strides: Family/Friend Visitation Enhancements

As COVID-19 pandemic constraints ease for Manitoba’s general population, we are delighted to share advice of positive enhancements which The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg is able to introduce to our Family/Friend Visitation protocols.

NEW – Effective immediately,

  • Residents accompanied by a successfully screened visitor(s) may take a stroll off property of The Home as coordinated with a Recreation staff member. Kindly keep your “walk around the block” to within the time limit of your scheduled visit (i.e., 30 minutes), and we also continue to encourage the wearing of a medical mask by both the visitor and Resident.
  • Eating treats with your loved ones may once again be enjoyed together (i.e., an ice cream cone, milkshake, donut & coffee, etc.). Once you have finished your treat(s)/beverage(s) – Resident/visitor(s) must sanitize their hands and re-don their medical mask(s). Social distancing is to be maintained to the extent possible.
  • Little ones (under the age of 12) may join in an outdoor visit with an accompanying adult visitor(s). (Note: A little one will be counted as a visitor – so kindly plan your numbers accordingly when scheduling.) All visitors will be screened and required to sanitize their hands; a medical mask will be provided to all visitors of age 12 and older; and again, we ask that social distancing be respected to the extent possible.
  • Pets may also be part of an outdoor visit. Our existing Pet Visitation policy remains in effect for all such visits, and we refer you to our Resident Guide (page 29) for full details.

Visitation Reminders:

  • It is mandatory for all visitors to be screened, with all names recorded in order to meet Provincial Health Contact Tracing requirements. If visitors are unable to arrive together, please advise the Recreation staff member who initially greets/screens you that another visitor(s) is expected. The additional visitor(s) is not to join the in progress visit until screened.
  • All visits must be scheduled with our Recreation staff via an email to .
  • The maximum number of Designated Visitors remains at two per Resident per visit.
  • The maximum number of General Visitors (with the visit held outdoors) remains at four per Resident per visit (all must be fully vaccinated). If the General Visitors are not fully vaccinated, the maximum number remains at two per Resident per visit.
  • Because of our limited space for both indoor and outdoor visits and in order to be as fair as possible to all Residents and families/friends – we are scheduling a maximum of three visits per week per Resident. With this being summer season and travel between Provinces resuming, we will always, always do our best to accommodate multiple and extended visits for those coming from afar. We recognize the importance of family and friends in our lives and that time together is indeed a precious gift – particularly when we have been deprived of it for so long.

Full details of our “Indoor” and “Outdoor” visitation protocols are provided in the following documents:

Indoor Visitation Protocols – Designated Visitors

Outdoor Visitation Protocols – General Visitors

As further enhancements to visitation protocols become applicable – we commit to promptly sharing with you!  We want to make this a happy and safe summer for everyone!

Warmest regards,

Sherry Heppner
Development Coordinator
The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg