Its Hot, Hot, Hot! Resident/Family & Friends’ Outdoor Visits


We wait (somewhat patiently) through a longish winter for the summer heat to arrive and stating the obvious – it has arrived with a vengeance!  Mother Nature’s furnace is jacked up to high and we want to ensure everyone stays safe while still enjoying all the best of family/friend visits that summer has to offer.

Using our own gauge for when the summer temperatures can start to feel a bit oppressive – when the thermometer starts to creep above 26°C (and let’s not forget to factor in humidity!), we need to be proactive in our planning and take precautions with our Residents. When inside, we do have air conditioning to keep us cool and while most of our Residents may find they need a sweater to be comfortable indoors, when they head out of doors for a visit – they may not be dressed quite as weather-ready as you.  We also continuously promote the importance of staying hydrated – offering water, juices, and POPSICLES! (Ice Cream Day is also planned for Thursday of this week for Residents (and staff) at The Home.  You can’t beat the enduring favorites of Fudgsicles, Revels, and Drumsticks!)

When it comes to family/friend visits outdoors – only as a last resort and always in order to protect the health and well-being of our Residents – you may find that we have to cancel some scheduled visits when/if the weather is just too extreme (hitting 30°C with or without humidity). This also presumes we are unable to accommodate a switch from an outdoor to an indoor location. Please be assured that we will always do all in our ability to not cancel visits as it is very disappointing both to you and our Residents – but Mother Nature sometimes may call the shots and force our hands.

We are constantly checking the weather reports and monitoring our visitation schedule as we make plans.  While we truly hope we don’t have to cancel any visits, when we do, we will provide as much advance notice as we can!  PROMISE!

Keep cool!  Keep safe!  Keep the sunscreen handy! AND keep your water bottle by your side!

Warmest regards,

Sherry Heppner
Development Coordinator
The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg