Family/Friend Visitation

Thank you for your patience while we awaited direction from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority on potential implications to family/friend visits with your loved ones/our Residents.

For our Home and because of our shared room environment and limited indoor space – we will be continuing on with only minimal changes to our established visitation protocols.

For our “Designated Visitors” – there are no changes to the established guidelines, both in number of “Designated Visitors” (a maximum of two) per Resident and visitation practices. While we strongly encourage everyone to “Get the Shot!” (COVID-19 vaccination), because of the recognized essential role that “Designated Visitors” play in the lives of your loved ones, for now – vaccination status has no bearing on existing “Designated Visitor” protocols.

For our “General Visitors” – subtle changes to the established guidelines will be effective as of Monday, June 21, 2021. For “General Visitors” (those who provide social support to our Residents) – if you (the “General Visitor”) are fully immunized and your loved one/our Resident is also fully immunized, and 14 days have passed since both of you have received your second shot – we are able to welcome up to a maximum of four “General Visitors” (who all meet the immunization criteria) per Resident at the same time. Visitors will be required to demonstrate proof of full immunization and if you are new to our Home – provide photo identification before entry. General visitors will continue to schedule their visits as per current guidelines and be booked to utilize our outdoor garden area. Outdoor visits are subject to cancellation should Mother Nature not cooperate. Unfortunately, our Home’s indoor space limitations (including our “Pod”) may NOT allow us to switch locations. On inclement days, if uncertain if your visit will proceed – please email before coming.

We provide updated Visitation Pamphlets as follows: Indoor Resident Family Visits – May, 2021 is unchanged from that originally circulated. The Outdoor Resident Family Visits – June, 2021 is slightly modified to include advice on the immunization guidelines as described above, together with additional information – please take a few moments to review.

We fully acknowledge the challenges that have played out over the past many, many months which have restricted socialization and your ability to freely visit. As visitation in our Home and other personal care homes is enhanced, we still must continue to take precautions to protect the health of your loved ones. All visitors must book their visit via email request to . Upon arrival at our Home, all visitors will be screened, asked to sanitize their hands, and to exchange their existing face mask with the mask (medical grade) we provide. As always, if you are feeling unwell – please stay home – anyone who has symptoms that could possibly be COVID-19 related will not be allowed to visit.

As the Province gains its footing with increased vaccination numbers and a decrease in hospitalizations (particularly in our Intensive Care Units), we anticipate that visitation practices will continue to be reviewed. We commit to keeping you informed every step of the way – we all want this to be a great summer!

Warm regards,

Sherry Heppner
Development Coordinator
The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg