Elevator Refurbishment – “Work in Progress”

A complete refurbishment of our smaller elevator (directly across from our Tea Room) commenced today, and this is both a good news and not so good news situation for all of us.

The good news is that once all work is complete, anticipated to take a minimum of 3 months, the mechanical challenges that we had/have been experiencing with this elevator will be a thing of the past. 😊

The not so good news is that while the repair work is underway, we will only have one elevator available (our service elevator by our kitchen/dining room) which will be our beast of burden for deliveries of supplies; conveyance of housekeeping/household-related items; up and down trips of meals/snacks and laundry for our Residents; and of course, top priority of transport of our Residents.

In order to make the most efficient use of the one elevator for the purposes/tasks as mentioned, for those of our visitors who are able, we ask that you kindly use the stairs to access our Resident floors. Because our stairwells are locked as a security measure, all families/friends will be given a temporary “swipe card” to use while in our Home. When signing-in, our Recreation staff greeter/screener will provide you with a swipe card and will direct you to kindly use our stairs (if doable for the visitor). When signing out, at the conclusion of your visit, you will return the swipe card to our Recreation staff greeter/screener.

Visitors who have mobility challenges will continue to use our service elevator for their transport needs.  Additionally, when wanting to bring a Resident down to our main lobby, of course, using our elevator is the only way to go!

We realize that this is not an optimal situation, and there will be delays for those who do need to use the elevator for transport, but we would rather be fixing our smaller elevator to have it in good working order for the future – then have it completely breakdown and be out of service for an unknown length of time.

Your cooperation and understanding are MOST, MOST APPRECIATED!  We will provide you with updates, as warranted, regarding the elevator repair progress.

Sherry Heppner
Development Coordinator