COVID-19 Virus Update – Outbreak on 2nd Floor

We so regret having to share advice of a COVID-19 outbreak on our 2nd floor.

Positive test results for the virus were received for a few of our 2nd floor Residents, all of whom are displaying cold-like symptoms (runny nose and cough). The designated primary contact of those who have either been confirmed as having the virus or as being tested for the virus have been notified.  Should, at any time, your loved one be tested, the primary family/friend contact will be informed.

Because of the outbreak and as an abundance of caution to contain the further spread of the virus, all in-person visitation for Residents on our 2nd floor is fully suspended effective immediately. Should you wish to arrange for a virtual visit, kindly email with your request.

Currently, visitation for Residents who reside on our 3rd and 4th floors continue as per usual COVID-19 protocols. Screening, donning of masks at all times when in the building, and frequent hand sanitization will be strictly monitored – this is as much for your protection as it is our Residents.

For any visitors who have this week visited a 2nd floor Resident, please monitor yourself/your family members for any COVID-19 symptoms to ensure you continue to be and feel well.

As warranted, we will keep you informed on the outbreak status at our Home. Be assured that the care of our Residents is always our top priority – each Resident is like a member of our own family, and we will ensure their needs are met to the absolute best of our ability.

Keep health-safe!

Sherry Heppner
Development Coordinator
The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg