COVID-19 Update – Visitation to Fully Resume on Tuesday, September 6

We are most pleased to share that our COVID-19 virus concerns specific to Residents on our 2nd floor will soon be behind us and, effective Tuesday,  September 6, visitors will be welcome to come and go on all our floors/Units. THANK YOU to everyone for your patience and understanding over the past couple of weeks! Our housekeeping team will be undertaking a deep clean of the rooms/areas affected on the 2nd floor to help ensure a safe re-opening.

Our ongoing screening, the wearing of masks (at all times), and diligence in hand sanitization remain mandatory requirements when visiting at/in our Home. We also offer the polite reminder to please stay home if you are, at all, feeling unwell (COVID-related or not). We want to protect your loved one, our full Resident population, all visitors, and, of course, our staff from any and all viruses that may be trying to sneak their way inside.

Here’s hoping that although the calendar month now reads September, that our summer-like temperatures will continue for a long while to come allowing many more outdoor visits (regardless of it being “Pumpkin Chai” season!).


Warmest regards,


Sherry Heppner
Development Coordinator