COVID-19 Update – May 6, 2022

We have a mixed bag of good news and not so good news to share.

Our good news is that our COVID-19 outbreak which had been impacting our 3rd floor Residents is now over and done, allowing us to once again welcome back families and friends of Residents on our 3rd floor effective today (May 6). 😊

The not so good news is that a Resident on our 2nd floor has now tested positive for the virus, and three additional 2nd floor Residents (considered as close contacts) are being isolated in their shared room. We are most certainly frustrated by this situation and any potential next round of restrictions for Residents and family/friends. For the moment (and subject to change), we are not suspending all visitations to our 2nd floor Residents (except for visits to the four affected Residents) BUT we highly discourage visits to try and contain any further spread both in our Home and outside in the community. (The primary designate for each of the impacted Residents has personally been informed of their loved one’s status/visitation restrictions.)

We are waiting for guidance from our regional health authority on any requirements that may necessitate us to further tighten family/friend visits – and until such advice is received, we will continue to allow in-person family/friend visitors with our 3rd and 4th floor Residents and slightly limited access to our 2nd floor Residents. Again, wanting to put health and wellness (and containment of any spread) in the forefront, we do discourage visits to our 2nd floor Residents.

Our Recreation staff would be happy to coordinate virtual visits with families/friends of our 2nd floor Residents which we realize are not the same as being able to give in-person hugs. If you are interested in arranging a virtual visit, please reach out via email to and a scheduled timeslot will be coordinated.

As always, we are monitoring all Residents for any signs/symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. Beverages are constantly available to Residents to ensure everyone stays hydrated. (If the weather stays good for us, we will be introducing popsicles again – which our Residents enjoyed last year.) Additionally (and constantly), we are following stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

We promise to keep you well-informed on our COVID-19 situation, with a further update planned for early next week.

Warmest regards,

Sherry Heppner
Development Coordinator