COVID-19 Update – Individual Resident Case (3rd Floor)

We have all been doing so very well as of late, but unfortunately I have to share advice of a Resident on our 3rd floor having tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. They, as well as their roommates, are being isolated in their shared room. The primary contact for each of the affected Residents has been notified and should your loved one be tested/implicated at any point, direct contact will be made as per our family/POA listing.

At this time, we are NOT considered to be in an outbreak status (in accordance with MB Shared Health’s guidelines), thus family/friend in-person visits are NOT being curtailed/impacted for any of our floors/Units.

However, if you will specifically be visiting any of the Residents who are in isolation, please first stop by the nurse’s station/speak to any of our Healthcare professionals on the Unit for guidance in donning/doffing* a gown and gloves before entering their 3rd floor room. *(“Don” is short for “do (put) on” and “doff” is short for “do (take) off.”)  For your own health-safety, you may wish to temporarily avoid visiting to limit personal exposure and potential spread to others.

We offer the three reminders of:

  • If feeling unwell, please stay home until you are once again 100%;
  • Wear a mask when entering our Home and change into a medically approved mask once onsite (available at our Screening Station);
  • Practice thorough and frequent hand hygiene (using an alcohol-based hand-cleaner or, when access permits, washing with soap and water).

The COVID-19 virus remains with us in the community, and we need to ensure that we don’t become complacent in looking after ourselves and our loved ones.

Updates on our status will be provided as warranted. We promise to be transparent and to keep you well-informed.

Warm regards,

Sherry Heppner
Development Coordinator