Manitoba Health Standards

Manitoba’s licensed Personal Care Homes (PCH) must meet 26 standards of care as set out by the provincial government. To ensure the established standards are being met, onsite visits by appointed reviewers (auditors) are scheduled bi-annually; as well as on an unscheduled/unannounced basis.

Just a few of the areas of care that are reviewed during a visit include, but are not limited to: nursing services, infection control, dietary services, recreation, spiritual care, housekeeping, laundry services, etc. During an onsite visit, reviewers tour the PCH, check Resident charts and other supporting documentation, and interview Residents and staff as part of their fact-finding and assessment of whether the standard(s) have been met.

The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg strives to meet and exceed the provincial standards as we recognize the delivery of quality care to our Residents and their families/friends is of paramount importance.

Manitoba Health and Seniors Care conducted an unscheduled/unannounced standards review of our Home in October 2021. Their final letter confirming satisfaction of performance measures is available here. 

In August of 2022, Manitoba Health and Seniors Care undertook a further unannounced standards “focused review” of our Home. We are very pleased to confirm satisfaction of the measures assessed. Their final letter and report are available here for viewing.

2023’s unannounced standards “focused review ” occurred in the month of October.  We are, once again, pleased to confirm satisfaction of assessed measures with no follow-up required. Manitoba Health Seniors and Long-Term Care’s letter and report are available here for viewing.