About Us

The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg

The Home strives to provide a pleasant “homey” atmosphere, responding to the needs, and enhancing the lives of our Residents and their families/friends. Support, understanding, and empathy are extended to our Residents, families, and friends through our open-door policy. Through its management practices and policies, The Home encourages the development of a “family” environment dedicated to providing personalized care and services that strive for excellence.


The Home’s history is Winnipeg’s history, as it  has provided continuous care to society’s most vulnerable extending through the typhoid epidemic, the Spanish Flu pandemic, Winnipeg’s “Strike”, two World Wars, the depression, polio epidemic, Winnipeg Flood, ongoing struggles with funding shortages, and challenges with aging spaces combined with poor structural design of its many location(s).

In the 1960’s, The Home’s closure seemed imminent because of the untenable state of the building (built prior to 1917) and concerns for the safety of its Residents. An appeal was made directly to Premier Duff Roblin who took a keen interest in wanting to help. Just days prior to the planned closure on December 31, 1963, the Convalescent “Hospital’s” Board received a letter from the Premier stating that the government would assume responsibility for the structure if it would keep its doors’ open. Finally, in March, 1965, sod was turned to commence the construction of the “new” (existing) building at the corner of Hugo Street North/Jessie Avenue which, when finished, boasted of being a well-equipped, spacious, totally modern facility – the first Personal Care Home in Manitoba.

The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg, as an entity, dates back to 1906 when it was established through the visionary efforts of the Women’s Hospital Aid Society to relieve overcrowding at the Winnipeg General Hospital during the long months of the severe typhoid epidemic.

Our Mission

Proud to be the first care home in Manitoba, The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg is an innovative, caring, and compassionate community where generations meet.

Our Vision

Lovingly Inclusive… Respecting Individuality… Compassionate Care…

Our Values