“A Tradition of Care” – A Short Story Worth Reading!

In a recent post, I mentioned that we were most honored to have won Steinbach Credit Union’s (SCU) “Share the Light” contest and received a donation of $3500 for being one of the two non-profit/charitable organizations selected. SCU conducted an interview with us and have now posted it to their Facebook page, and I am pleased to share it with you via the following link:  https://bit.ly/3vkfAeY  In the event you are unable to open the link (privacy settings being what they are), A tradition of care – SCU Interview – December, 2022.

I take a moment to sincerely THANK all who voted for us in the “Share the Light” contest.  YOU all made this happen for us and we are ever so grateful. I understand that our “four-leaf clover” or “lucky rabbit’s foot” was a family member of a family member, and they didn’t even think their vote would matter – BUT IT DID! That one vote was the winning vote! Kinda makes you want to buy a lottery ticket! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to all who cared enough to support us in this light-hearted but ever so meaningful initiative.

We also extend our congratulations to Steinbach Community Outreach who were our co-winners in the “Share the Light” contest. They do amazing work in Steinbach, providing help to people living in poverty and experiencing homelessness.

AND – just like that, it is the end of the first (work) week of January! It will be Valentine’s Day before we know it! And thereafter, SPRING! 😊

Enjoy your day!

Sherry Heppner
Development Coordinator